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Eddie Garcia was born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia and moved to Los Angeles in 1986 at the tender age of twenty-two. Like others before him, Garcia’s westward move was part “Hollywood dream” and part general excitement of a new beginning. Although there were but a handful of people he knew in town and with no major “connections” to speak of, he lucked into gigs shooting Hollywood publicity parties almost immediately.

As an extra shooter for high profile events and assisting other working professional photographers, his talents were recognized and he began shooting production stills on the sets of films and TV shows.

From there, Garcia determined to learned serious lighting skills akin to the work he admired from such legendary photographers as George Hurrell, Lazlo Willinger, Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, Annie Leibovitz and Helmut Newton. The study of their work and emulating their techniques evolved into his own personal style with a mastery of both studio and natural lighting.

With a congenial attitude and a willingness to work hard, he established close working relationships with many of the top working actors over the years.

These days, Garcia is shifting more toward video and film, creating dynamic acting reels, short features, features and producing live band videos. The entire creative process from the initial budding concept to script, to pre-production, to shooting, and ultimately to the final cut is the challenge that energizes this Hollywood veteran. Presenting the finished product to an audience is the reward that feeds his desire to do it again and again. Eddie Garcia continues to do just that, perfecting his art, keeping abreast of new techniques, and experimenting with updated gear that emerges constantly.

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